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Composite Veneers (Bonding)

What is a composite veneer?

The composite veneer procedure removes small flaws in the shapes of teeth without damaging them. The dentist applies special substances along with composite filling material to the surface of the teeth in order to form their new shapes.

This is one of the preventative techniques used in cosmetic dentistry. If there are small spaces or tiny flaws in the shape of teeth, the dentist gives them a new shape by applying the filling material and without any drilling. For example, someone with a gap in his or her front teeth can have it filled in quickly with a composite veneer without having them drilled or crowned. Also, those whose teeth are too short appear old because their teeth are not visible when they smile or talk. These people can have their teeth extended with the same procedure and obtain more beautiful, dynamic aesthetic. This method can also be applied to small instances of crookedness. When when the cases are more severe, however, porcelain laminate or porcelain crowns are better options.

Veneers are augmentations that allow for enlarging as well as altering the shape and color of a tooth. The materials used for this purpose, called microfil agents, are adhered to the surface of a tooth in order to remove any flaws in shape or color.

The application of a composite veneer is painless. In many cases, there is no need to apply anesthetic before beginning the procedure.

Do the teeth of those who have undergone the procedure color over time?

Microfilagents are made with the latest technology to imitate natural teeth as much as possible. For this reason, their color changes just as that of a natural tooth does. However smooth the tooth surface becomes as a result of the coating process, it will be that much more resistant to staining. As for stains resulting from common coloring substances (i.e. cigarettes, tea, cola, etc.), these can be removed during routine dental cleanings.

Does the application of a veneer require any special maintenance?

This situation requires certain limitations. One should avoid biting into very hard substances such as ice and sugar as well as bad habits like chewing on one’s fingernails.

How long will the veneer last?

The life of the veneer will be determined by the quality of the materials used and the skill of the dentist. Materials produced with the latest technology have a life of five to ten years. A tooth that has had a composite veneer can have another one applied later on.

Is a composite veneer an expensive procedure?

It is generally less expensive than other cosmetic procedures. The price is determined by the materials to be used as well as the selected type of treatment.

Can anyone get a composite veneer?

This treatment method can be applied to nearly all age groups. Children, adolescents, adults and elderly people can have more beautiful smiles and overall appearances thanks to this method.

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