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Is late teething in infants a cause for alarm? 00:45

At six months of age, infants’ teeth begin to erupt. This process can last for up to 18 months. Infants who haven’t gotten any baby teeth after 18 months should definitely be taken to a dentist.

What should be done for babies born with teeth? 00:24

Some babies are born with teeth or the teeth erupt right after they are born. These teeth are usually unstable and there is the risk of the child swallowing them. Therefore, they should be extracted.

What are the hazards of thumbsucking? 02:28

Infants have the habit of thumbsucking or tongue sucking for about one and a half years. This is not a problem as long as it lasts no more than two years. If thumbsucking persists, it can cause the top incisors to move forward while the bottom ones move back. This deformation can be permanent if thumbsucking lasts for more than three and a half years.

What is baby bottle tooth decay? How does it occur? 01:13

Baby bottle tooth decay occurs primarily in the top front teeth. It starts as white, chalky stains on the teeth and progresses to yellowish brown color. This condition is caused by the natural sugars in milk. Pacifiers dipped in honey or grape molasses and then given to babies in order to calm them down can also lead to this condition.

How can baby bottle tooth decay be prevented? 01:15

In order to prevent baby bottle tooth decay, it is key to break the infant of the habit of having a bottle immediately before bed or while sleeping. An infant’s mouth should be rinsed with water after drinking milk. Also, an infant’s teeth may be cleaned with damp gauze.

What should be done for teeth knocked out in an accident? 01:24

When a tooth is knocked out as a result of a fall or any other type of trauma, the tooth must be found right away. The tooth should be cleaned with running water without touching the root area. After the tooth is cleaned, it must be taken to a dentist. The tooth should be transported in a container of milk or clean water. The dentist will decide whether or not the tooth can be reinserted based on the severity of the trauma.

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