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What kind of material is used in implants? 00:53

An implant is a titanium screw used to fill in a gap left by a missing tooth. The greatest advantage of titanium is its compatibility with human tissue. Implant treatment may be applied to patients over 18 who do not have any systemic illnesses.

In what cases should an implant be done? 01:39

Implants are used in cases of missing teeth and are widely preferred among patients who do not wish to use a removable prosthesis. For patients who have no more natural teeth, it is possible to increase the implant number my creating a fixed bridge. Removable prostheses can also be made steadier.

What is the success rate for implant treatment? 01:28

In order for implant treatment to be successful, a thorough anamnesis and plan must be made. It must be determined whether or not the patient has any systemic illnesses when recording his or her medical history. Implants are not recommended for patients who smoke or drink frequently, as their recovery can be difficult. In later tests, it will be determined whether or not the patient’s anatomical and bone structure are appropriate for the treatment. A treatment plan is made according to these findings.

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