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How is whitening done? 03:09

The first step in tooth whitening is determining the original color of the patient’s teeth. Vaseline is then applied to protect the cheek sand lips and an apparatus is used to keep the tongue and cheeks out of the way. Barriers are then put in place to protect the gums. A thin line covers the gums and an LED light stabilizes this barrier. The whitening agent is applied and then exposed to a beam of light. After 20 minutes, the teeth are washed and rinsed.

What kind of procedure is whitening? 01:01

Whitening is a cosmetic procedure aimed at eliminating discoloration of the teeth that causes aesthetic problems. There are two types of tooth whitening: at-home whitening and the procedure performed by a dentist. Both methods use carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Is the whitening procedure painful? 00:52

Tooth whitening is not a painful procedure and there is no need to use anesthetic. However, those with a low tolerance for pain may experience sensitivity. In these cases, painkillers are given following the procedure. To prevent sensitivity following whitening, avoid consuming hot and cold foods together as well as acidic substances.

How long does whitening take? 01:18

There are two different methods of whitening. The type performed by a dentist is done in roughly two 20-minute sessions with one week between each session. At-home whitening involves creating a transparent mouthpiece fitted to the patient’s teeth. The patient wears this mouthpiece for 6-8 hours a day over a period of 10-15 days.

What should be done following the whitening procedure? 00:27

Avoid foods that contain coloring agents such as cigarettes, tea, coffee and chocolate for one week following the procedure.

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