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What is preventative dentistry? 00:39

Preventative dentistry consists of fluoride application and fissure sealant. Fluoride is an element that strengthens the immunity of teeth against decay. Although this element is found in toothpastes, children often do not brush their teeth effectively. Therefore, their resistance to decay weakens. Fluoride application can be done as an added way to bolster their immunity.

What is fissure sealant? 00:49

The surfaces of molars have recesses and bulges in which food remnants become caught. When teeth are not brushed well, these food particles can lead to cavities. Children often do not brush their teeth effectively. Fissure sealant is a liquid application that fills in the recesses of the molars in order to prevent decay.

When should fissure sealant and topical fluoride be applied? 00:39

Fluoride may be applied after all baby teeth have erupted. It is done three times a year with three-week intervals between each application. Fissure sealant is a simple, painless procedure and can be done following the eruption of the permanent teeth.

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